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Working at Waterton

Is working for The Waterton Group right for me? The pay sounds right, but what about the job? To help, we asked one of our instructors to share his critique with potential applicants.

The good, the bad, the ugly

Working as a Waterton instructor is an exciting opportunity to help students improve their performance on standardized tests in order to assist them in attaining their goals. Aside from the idyllic language about how nice it is to be a part of the group, working as an instructor is a veritably cool chance to meet new kids residing everywhere on the broad spectrum of intellectual ability. At times frustrating, yet more frequently exciting, there has rarely been a dull moment during my time with Waterton. Plus, the work inherently places a high value on intellectual capital, proffering remuneration that rivals many other professions, and who doesn't appreciate that?

So, what's the downside? Occasionally you'll be asked to commute to a student's house during rush hour. This only becomes an inconvenience when said student resides 20+ miles away, which does happen (though, thankfully, only rarely). Also, you need to be reliable. Punctuality and preparation are of paramount importance. Effective communication (both with the students and with the other members of the group) is also a prerequisite for long-term success. Hopefully the preceding comes as no surprise.

What to expect? This all depends on your availability. The more available you are, the more you can acquire students and fill your calendar with lessons. Each lesson lasts two hours and traditionally involves working through problems one-on-one with students at their homes or at the Waterton office. Preliminary training and follow-up emails to track progress are also expected of instructors. Overall, working as an instructor is a very unique opportunity and will become what you make of it, trite as that may sound.

Instructor Statements

 Structured and freethinking

Having worked for two other leading test-prep companies, I've found nothing short of a breath of fresh air at Waterton. Their boutique model allows for an approach that is at once structured and freethinking, comprehensive and individualized. Waterton's management and support staff create a working environment in which its instructors enjoy streamlined access to a plethora of students throughout the Metroplex. Moreover, they've got my back: 100% of my working hours is spent educating rather than scheduling or consulting.

Michael Davis, Brown University

 A fantastic company

The Waterton Group is a fantastic company. James [is] incredibly smart, dedicated and personable, making the work experience very enjoyable. They provide great tools and very helpful literature while still giving their tutors the freedom to teach however they like. It's been such a pleasure working with them!

Itai Matityahu, OU

 A cohesive group

The success of The Waterton Group stems from the vision and commitment of Executive Director James Denke to not only retain but also develop the best test-prep instructors in the region. The Waterton Group is committed to being a business where the instructors can work full-time while earning more per hour than with any other company. As someone who has worked for other test-prep companies throughout the nation, I can say that only Waterton makes it possible to be a professional test-prep instructor. The Waterton Group retains those that have the aptitude and passion for teaching, and because they are consistently teaching full time, our instructors remain sharp and focused with test content. The result is a real and cohesive group of professional instructors.

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