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Ongoing Precision

Dallas Private Tutoring

90 Minutes of Brilliance

Perfected over years

Since 2009, The Waterton Group has refined what has become the foundation of every student lesson plan: The Assessment. Our students benefit from both our refined processes and from our years of experienced, private instruction.

What an impressive wealth of knowledge. We might as well have just called the test makers!

Tammy S.  |  Jesuit Parent

This is what studying should feel like!

James S.  |  Dallas, TX

From start to finish, they made it so easy!

Sandy F.  |  Greenhill Student

I still can't believe Ashley turned my 148 LSAT into a perfect 180.

Matthew P.  |  Stanford JD/MBA Candidate

We utilize this smart, agile tool that is The Assessment as a baseline predictor of student success. Our Directors gauge a carefully-crafted set of data-points, delivered through what feels like a casual conversation—which is what you would expect from an experienced professional.

Instead of being satisfied with a mediocre point increase, The Waterton Group strives to help every student achieve the highest possible score. Students in our programs thrive because we do not cut corners. Waterton offers the most elite approach to test prep in the Dallas-area.

82pt. Diagnostic

Our assessment thoroughly and thoughtfully investigates each student's quantitative, verbal, and logic capacities.

Error Rates

After exposing common test-taking flaws, our Directors tailor processes to mitigate future error potential.

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Target Score

"How much can I improve?"
Our patent-pending methods continually answer this question.