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  Not only do we value our students, we rely on them. We stopped advertising in early 2011. Waterton now operates mostly off of referrals from past students and parents. To be specific, we regularly receive referrals from students at Highland Park HS, John Paul II, Jesuit, St. Mark's, Hockaday, and other private schools throughout DFW. Each student that we accept receives direct, one-on-one attention, and most continue communication with our team even after their time with us is complete.  

James Denke, Founder | 2011 Interview

We always appreciate hearing what our students and their families think about us. Explore the feedback we have received over our years of service in Dallas in the section below. To submit your own Waterton Group testimonial and review, email

Reviews and Testimonials from Students and Parents

SAT: +510 points!

  No student looks forward to tutoring. What high school student would want to endure extra study hours? Fortunately, the Waterton Group is no such system. Their winning strategy of one-on-one sessions make scores skyrocket while magically keeping the sessions interesting. With the help of James Denke, I personally raised my SAT® score over 500 points, gained confidence in my test-taking abilities, and developed strategies that I use today in school, instead of just on the SAT®. As this program focuses on the individual student's weaknesses and strengths, it remedies the problem faced in most classrooms: the lack of instruction tailored to a specific student's needs. The Waterton Group was the best academic decision I've made.  

Ashlesha S.

"By far the best"

  The Waterton Group is by far the best tutoring company in Dallas. When I contacted the Executive Director about preparing for the GMAT, I told him my goal was to be accepted into the SMU MBA program. His one-on-one approach and his incredible ability to break down complex information into easy to understand concepts made my GMAT preparation productive and efficient. James Denke took my initial practice test score of 510 to an official GMAT score of 640. With that unbelievable jump, I achieved my goal, and I am now enrolled in the SMU Cox School of Business. The Waterton Group has my highest endorsement and I would recommend it to anyone.  

Blake W.

"Best Decision"

  Working with Waterton was absolutely the best decision for my SAT® prep. They helped me to improve in every area of the test and taught me the skills to improve my scores in not only my weak area, but also my already-strong subjects. Math had always been the hardest section for me, but after working with James Denke, my scores and understanding were better than I had ever hoped they would be. He was easy to work with, made sure I understood everything, and never moved too quickly through a lesson. I know that it’s because of James that I was able to do so well on the SAT®.  

Lily M.

GMAT: +100!

  I started my GMAT preparation with a standard Kaplan prep course, but found the pace to be entirely too slow and much of class time was wasted with irrelevant preparation tactics and strategies. After six weeks in the class, my first test result was a 520. I contacted James with about a 2 month deadline knowing that I had to raise my score. He gave an initial assessment and then catered to my specific weaknesses. Our sessions were very focused and extremely productive. After those months with James my score jumped over 100 points, with a 35 percentile jump in Math. My only regret was wasting time and money on the prep course rather than having applied it to more of these sessions. The Waterton Group deserves a great deal of credit for helping me get into a quality MBA program.  

Weldon W.

More Reviews and Testimonials from Students and Parents

"Masterful Job!"

  Overall, James Denke is an amazing director and teacher! There's a lot of material to absorb, yet I managed to absorb all of it, thanks to him. It's especially helpful that he taught me all of the grammar rules and math tricks. I find myself using them much more frequently than I thought I would. [My tutor] Julia was equally helpful. I think my Biology SAT Subject Test score is what I'm the most proud of, mainly because of how well I did despite knowing nothing at the beginning of our meetings. Seriously, I spent about 3 weeks in Biology and scored a 740! I remember giving up halfway through the first practice test (before we started tutoring) because I only answered 2 right, and now look at me. She knows her stuff. Physics was good too, and she did a masterful job of explaining everything.  

Nick E.

"I was stuck!"

  I had spent just under $7,000 on other GMAT prep materials, courses, and even tutoring in Dallas, but I was still stuck! With practice, my verbal score was increasing slowly but surely; however, my quantitative score was stagnant at the 50th percentile. I needed to revamp the way I approached these problems, and I knew I couldn't do it alone. There had to be some special stimulus out there to help: then I heard about James Denke and The Waterton Group. Upon first meeting, I had my doubts; his methods were so interesting, and his approach to the one-on-one setting was simultaneously rigorous yet relaxed. I had seen his results in the past with some other graduates I knew, so I latched on to every word. After just two weeks studying with James, I was knocking out the quantitative section more efficiently than ever. After three weeks, I sat for an official GMAT and scored a 740! I am now accepted into the the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and I start in the Fall of 2012. This was my dream, and I have to thank The Waterton Group. 

Melissa F.

"Phenomenal Experience!"

  I came to James and The Waterton Group per the recommendation of a good friend. My first attempt at the GMAT had been disastrous and with less than a month left before my next GMAT test date, I needed some serious help. After James analyzed my strengths and weaknesses in our initial session, we went to work. James did a phenomenal job of breaking down problems and explaining them in ways that made sense to me. We went at a pace that was perfect for my competency, and I continued to improve every week. I would leave every tutoring session feeling more knowledgeable and confident in my ability to conquer the upcoming test. Finally, the test day came and thanks to James and the Waterton Group, I improved my score by 110 points. Working with The Waterton Group was a phenomenal experience, and I highly highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their score.  

Neth W.

"Saved $40,000!"

  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon The Waterton Group after watching my daughter sit for the SAT® three times with little improvement. Her heart was set on going to the University of Arkansas and she needed to increase her total score by 20% to receive the in-state tuition award. The math was easy for me: 3 months of private, one-on-one tutoring for around $1,200.00 to potentially save $40,000.00??? James was sharp enough to target a plan that was based on her skill set and was very focused. We were thrilled when the results came in and she was awarded the in state tuition after one attempt. I have to say that the one-on-one attention, combined with the fact that James was really cool was a far better choice than sitting in a weekly SAT® prep class. For our family, this investment had a very high ROI.  

Lauren B.

"Very Pleased!"

  We learned of the Waterton Group through a neighbor whose child had a successful testing outcome. Rather than attend a class or workshop we wanted to work with someone who would provide individual attention and focus on areas with the greatest growth potential. James Denke helped our daughter efficiently focus her study efforts on the specific areas she needed to work on. This helped improve her score significantly, while not meaningfully increasing the amount of time she spent studying and preparing for the test. James provided the tools necessary for success on the tests. Together they were able to zero in on the specific areas that would most enable our daughter to improve her score. She gained confidence in herself, thus reducing anxiety. She walked into the test feeling reassured that she was fully prepared. Her SAT® test score increased by 110 points and her ACT score increased by 4 points. We were very pleased and would highly recommend The Waterton Group.  

Debbie E.

More Reviews and Testimonials from Students and Parents

"Fantastic Results!"

  Mr. Denke's tutorial sessions with my daughter over the course of last summer, and in particular his one-on-one method of creating a personal program to target each student's specific needs and weaknesses, helped her improve her overall PSAT score by 21 points (equivalent to 210 points on an SAT). We are so grateful to the Waterton Group, and amazed by such fantastic results. We're looking forward to working with you again this year.  

Patty P.

"One on One Attention!"

  I cannot thank you enough! The Directors at The Waterton Group oversaw my daughter's progress over two years and she has now matriculated to the undergraduate Harvard Business School. I was referred to The Waterton Group by a close friend in Dallas whose son had claimed a highly successful experience. As a Yale alumnus, I obviously had high hopes for my daughter. From her first assessment with Waterton, I knew the instructors were going to give her the intimate one-on-one attention she needed to compete for the Ivy League. I consistently recommend Waterton to friends and family.  

Victor F.

"Made a Difference!"

  I wanted to tell you that Waterton instructor Julia is awesome -- a very bright hard worker. She connected with my daughter and really made a difference. Thanks for all you do for us.  

Susan M.


  James Denke is an expert at helping students increase their SAT® and ACT scores through his proven test preparation methodology. He and The Waterton Group have not only made a difference with many of my clients at Marrs College Admission Advisors, but he personally helped my daughter increase her SAT® score by over 200 points in merely seven sessions. I highly recommend James, his associates, and the powerful tools they provide to help high school students significantly improve their SAT® and ACT testing results.  

Catherine Marrs, CEP | MARRS College Admission Advising


  In the consumer driven hype of trying to figure out the best training for high stakes testing, James Denke and The Waterton Group fill a niche market in the Dallas area. When parents are shopping (as they should) for the appropriate test prep for their future college applicant, having solid options is encouraging and enables them to select the most appropriate style of test preparation for their student. Because James is selective about the students his company works with, his participants see impressive results. My clients who have used their services have had notable improvement in their scores. I have the utmost confidence in James Denke and The Waterton Group.  

Diane Wilcox, CEP | Wings to Soar Texas