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A Rapidly Expanding Toolbox

Pencils and paper are just the beginning at Waterton. These rudimentary tools will always hold their place in our hearts: we still provide students with official study guides from respective test makers, and who can forget the scent of a freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil?

Better instruction   better study tools

At The Waterton Group, we understand that education is an increasingly technological sphere. With foreign countries outpacing America in math and science scores, now more than ever our students need access to efficient and inspiring educational technology.

Waterton started with a tutor and a book. Just as we have expanded our team of experts, so too have our students watched their study tools grow and multiply. Every Waterton student now has access to a personalized smartphone app.

Modern Technology

Built in-house using premier technology

Waterton is a company built on human capital. Our directors and instructors constantly hone our processes and tools to provide an unmatched learning experience to all of our students.

A Waterton History Lesson

In the beginning

2009: The Waterton Group launched in Dallas with a few experienced instructors, official SAT® and ACT study guides, and a determination to provide best in class test preparation. Our students achieved impressive score increases simply due to impressive instruction. It was undoubtedly a working model, but something was missing.

A Creative Leap

2011: our Directors assembled and printed the Waterton Student Workbook, a customized and streamlined supplement to any official study guide from a respective test maker. For example, every Waterton SAT® Student Workbook contained the following:

  • A bank of 1000 commonly tested words + definitions
  • A comprehensive mathematics review
  • A detailed list of grammar concepts and drills
  • A structured homework log for student and tutor use

Test Prep 2.0

2013: Waterton's Verbal Director and in-house tech guru, Mark Hastings, finalized a blueprint for the digital toolbox that is now our fully-personalized student app.

  • A tool that allows each student to build his or her own word bank
  • Testynonyms™, which links highly tested SAT® and GRE® "synonyms" (top-rated by Waterton students)
  • A detailed list of grammar concepts and drills
  • A digital homework submission format for high schoolers

Future development

Accommodating all student requests, The Waterton Group continues to expand and refine its digital student toolbox, joining the best instruction in Dallas with the peak of technological innovation.