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Beginning in 2011, The Waterton Group broke ground by exploring data that test makers have used for decades. Instead of reacting to the sluggish research and evaluation by test makers, our Directors took matters into their own hands. We developed an ever-growing suite of proprietary testing products designed to replicate experimental sections found in most major standardized tests.

Radical as they may sound, our research products simulate results and exploit patterns never before seen within the test preparation industry. For more information, please call our offices at (214) 228-5822 or email us at research@watertongroup.com. We regularly field requests from the following:

Test Makers

Tired of guesswork? Test your problems in our experimental environments.


Want personalized insight? Our research team can magnify what's critical.


Scholars and educators alike regularly harness our research analytics.

Spring 2014

GMAT Logic Pattern Research

Understanding how existing Logic questions impact student test performance is important at Waterton. As a participant, you will be given an opportunity to provide responses that directly affect which problem formats align with old GMAT Logic. We value feedback from student participants and want better understanding of basic logic and argument structure in order to provide clarity on several exotic GMAT argument profiles.

  Spring 2014 Highlights

Proprietary Research

Sample Research Report: High Level CBM & Test Taking

Winter 2014: Test Fatigue and the Subconscious

Fall 2013: LSAT Error Management Study

Summer 2013: SAT/ACT Essay Pattern Study