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By focusing exclusively on private, in-home tutoring, we have cut the fat off of what is normally experienced in other SAT® prep courses. Waterton students throughout Dallas-Fort Worth rely on the ultra-specialized instruction found within lessons with instructors. Students are drawn to the experience our instructors offer and capitalize on their guidance for the weeks or months leading up to the SAT®. Waterton is based in Dallas and has relationships with many teachers, students and parents in town.

Choosing The Waterton Group guarantees access to College Board material, extensive vocabulary lists based on past tests, and one-on-one instruction with an expert in Dallas SAT® preparation. For students who demand score improvements north of 300 points, the only option in Dallas is The Waterton Group.

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The Waterton Difference

  • Limited annual acceptance rate
  • One-on-one in-home or on-site test prep
  • SAT score increases typically between 300-600 points
  • 20-40 hours of private instruction for an average student

Our Directors and instructors maintain vitality by remaining up-to-date with every new SAT® that is administered, analyzing repeat patterns and methods exploited to trap test takers.

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Critical Reading

On the SAT® Critical Reading section, the College Board is testing a multitude of skills. For example, one tested skill is the ability to read two short paragraphs about the same topic, written by two different authors for two disparate purposes, and then to assemble an accurate picture of each author's perspective or argument. The test makers scour award-winning and lesser-known publications to find prose upon which to create highly testable environments.


The SAT® Mathematics section is a comprehensive review of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, statistics, and more. However, the College Board tests these concepts within frameworks that are often foreign to the ways in which a student performs similar operations in a high school math class. Moreover, the SAT® Mathematics section manipulates language in a way that one could consider this portion an extension of the Reading Comprehension material. Many students wind up performing lengthy, intricate operations, only to produce the right answer... to the wrong question.


The SAT® Writing section is a composite of different formats intended to optimally examine a student's general and specific writing skills. From choosing the best answer that correctly forms a complete, succinct thought, to isolating one grammatical error within a sentence that is seemingly riddled with mistakes, a student has plenty of chances to have his or her confidence shaken. Also factored into a student's Writing score is an essay, through which the test makers can judge whether a student can apply the same skills, only within his or her own prose.

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