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So you want to master the GMAT? We did too. Although our Directors have supervised the private instruction of all standardized tests for years now, the GMAT has been their pet project—their prized possession. If you are accepted into our GMAT program, you will work with only the best in house.

  I left every session feeling more knowledgeable and confident.  

Neth W.

Over 5000 business and graduate management programs at almost 2000 schools around the world factor an applicant's GMAT score into the admissions process. GMAT scores are statistically even better than undergraduate GPA's as indicators of first-year grades in these programs.


James Denke, Quant Director

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  • Analytical Writing – 1 Analysis of an Argument essay, 30 minutes
  • Integrated Reasoning – 12 questions of various types, 30 minutes total
  • Quantitative – 37 multiple-choice questions, 75 minutes total
  • Verbal – 41 multiple-choice questions, 75 minutes total

Optional 8-minute breaks are provided prior to both the Quantitative and Verbal sections. Within these multiple-choice sections are a variable number of "experimental" questions, which are included to accurately gauge their difficulty level for use on future tests. These questions do not count toward your score, but as they are undistinguishable from scored questions, test-takers should treat each question with equal weight.

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Know the Test

Analytical Writing

The Analysis of an Argument essay requires you to evaluate the merit of a presented argument and effectively communicate your viewpoint through your writing. You have 30 minutes to analyze the prompt, organize your thoughts, and compose the essay. The opinion you provide does not affect your score, which is determined purely by your ability to investigate the complexities of an issue, adopt a stance, and support your position. Any time remaining at the end of this section cannot be used toward any other section, so it's recommended to use the time to review your work and make any necessary adjustments.

Integrated Reasoning

The Integrated Reasoning section evaluates your ability to analyze information presented from multiple sources in various types of formats, such as passages, charts, and tables, and then use that data to identify key points and draw conclusions. As the Integrated Reasoning section is not computer-adaptive, questions must be answered in a linear fashion and cannot be skipped or returned to on this section. You have 30 minutes to complete twelve multiple-choice questions, derived from four distinct areas:

  • Graphics Interpretation
  • Two-Part Analysis
  • Table Analysis
  • Multi-Source Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative section tests your ability to reason quantitatively based on your understanding of basic mathematical concepts. Only the areas of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are tested, where more advanced mathematics are not. You have 75 minutes to complete 37 multiple-choice questions, derived from two distinct areas:

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Problem Solving

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal section measures your level of reading comprehension, as well as your ability to analyze written material and determine its flaws. You have 75 minutes to answer 41 multiple-choice questions, derived from three distinct areas:

  • Critical Reasoning
  • Sentence Correction
  • Reading Comprehension

Though each category accounts for approximately one-third of the Verbal Reasoning section, questions of each different problem type are intermixed.

  My only regret was spending time and money on a prep course rather than on more Waterton sessions.

Blake W.