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At Waterton, our approach to the ACT is comprehensive and centered on making sure that the performance of our clients progresses. We offer expert personalized advice, direction and subject-matter expertise to our clients in one-on-one tutoring sessions. Our teachers must be expert in the ACT, as they are responsible for much more than presenting a series of lectures in a class setting. While presentation skills and professionalism are important in our tutors, our tutors must also be able to serve the individual educational needs of our clients. 

Once tutors are selected, they enter our group of experts that are assigned on the basis of availability and with a sensitivity to client needs. Directors at Waterton perform client assessments before matching them with a tutor, and maintain service quality through bi-monthly meetings. Accordingly, as part of working for Waterton, tutors are responsible for meeting their ongoing training requirements.

We pay $50 per hour, whether tutoring is conducted at our offices or otherwise (except in the event that tutoring requires distance travel, in which case we provide additional payment to cover reasonable costs). We are located near University and Greenville (Park Cities), and work to schedule tutoring sessions as best serves client needs and availability.

If you consider yourself expert at the ACT and are interested in continuing to develop ways to help students master the test, we encourage you to apply.

Instructor Statements

Structured and freethinking

Having worked for two other leading test-prep companies, I've found nothing short of a breath of fresh air at Waterton. Their boutique model allows for an approach that is at once structured and freethinking, comprehensive and individualized. Waterton's management and support staff create a working environment in which its instructors enjoy streamlined access to a plethora of students throughout the Metroplex. Moreover, they've got my back: 100% of my working hours is spent educating rather than scheduling or consulting.

Michael Davis, Brown University

A fantastic company

The Waterton Group is a fantastic company. James [is] incredibly smart, dedicated and personable, making the work experience very enjoyable. They provide great tools and very helpful literature while still giving their tutors the freedom to teach however they like. It's been such a pleasure working with them!

Itai Matityahu, OU

A cohesive group

The success of The Waterton Group stems from the vision and commitment of Executive Director James Denke to not only retain but also develop the best test-prep instructors in the region. The Waterton Group is committed to being a business where the instructors can work full-time while earning more per hour than with any other company. As someone who has worked for other test-prep companies throughout the nation, I can say that only Waterton makes it possible to be a professional test-prep instructor. This means that our instructors are consistently teaching rather than working part-time here and part-time elsewhere. This is necessary for great teachers, as teaching is not unlike preparing to take a test in the sense that you have to be constantly dealing with the material to remain sharp and focused. At the same time, The Waterton Group is able to retain those that have the aptitude and passion for teaching, people that are interested in helping students on a full-time basis. The result is a collection of professional instructors that collaborate with each other and have the opportunity to expand their expertise into every domain of test-prep — that is, a real and cohesive group of the very best test-prep instructors.

Ashley James, NYU | Carnegie Mellon

Customized and Local

Hometown Advantage

Although our Directors have had independent instruction experience from coast to coast in the past, The Waterton Group has staked its prominent flag in Dallas soil alone. Since early 2009, The Waterton Group has built its Dallas-centric knowledge base and leverages it to great advantage. Whether its knowledge of each specific public and private school's curriculum strengths and weaknesses, or the maintenance of steady relationships with the best high school counselors and college advisors in town, The Waterton Group will know where your child stands in the layout of the Dallas education system.

One on One Approach

Most programs offer classroom settings that group students with varying needs into a one size fits all program. The Waterton Group personalizes the experience from start to finish. From the first meeting with our Directors, to formulating a lesson plan and our in-home tutoring sessions, The Waterton Group maximizes the learning experience for an individual student.

Tutor Experience

All of our tutors have at least five years experience tutoring. Few firms boast these requirements and that is why we pride ourselves in some of the strictest tutor standards in the industry. We attract these tutors by offering the some of highest compensation in the industry. Compensation is usually two-three times higher than other Dallas-area firms. This allows us to attract tutors that otherwise would not teach. They are the best Dallas has to offer.

Program Length

The Waterton Group does not have a predetermined program length. The Executive Director, tutor, and parent discuss the student's goals in order to manufacture a lesson plan. These lesson plans typically span from 10-60 hours depending on the student, however most students spend an average of 40 hours with each tutor.

Test Simulation

Students take mock tests throughout the program. They are designed to simulate the actual testing environment and utilize real tests administered in the past. This makes Waterton students much more comfortable on test day.